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Strengthening client relationships through the ITC
Beirut. Sally Rahme, Monitoring Director with Ipsos MediaCT in Lebanon, recently invited one of her clients to discover our Ipsos Training Center.

Sally Rahme
  For Sally, "Our e-learning courses open more doors to our 'Ipsosian world' where our clients get more involved in our culture and knowhow. "We always encourage our clients to visit the e-campus and take ecourses. The ITC is not only a considerable source of information, it also helps us strengthen bonds with our clients and take our relationships to higher levels."
Richard El-Hachem
  Feedback from Richard El-Hachem, Business Director at Memac Ogilvy & Mather, in Lebanon: "I received an e-mail notification from the Ipsos Campus advising about the e-courses that are available for business partners. The Ipsos team in Beirut offers a daily winning package: knowledge, professionalism, solution and personal kindness. I was therefore interested to dive into their world, dig more into their thinking and the way they approach business and communication solutions.

"We complement each other: from the data mining and analysis that Ipsos provides us with, we can elevate and optimise our business, marketing, and communication solutions at Memac Ogilvy. In this way, the latest version of the Campus is friendlier to use. Many courses are very interesting such as those related to strategic thinking and processes. I would recommend the e-Campus to other colleagues. In fact, that's exactly what I have already done!"

Contact: Virginia.Castellano@ipsos.com

Ipsos e-Courses for Client Teams
Istanbul. Turkey’s third GSM operator, Avea—one of Ipsos KMG's largest clients—provided access to the Ipsos Training Center (ITC) to all of their marketing teams.
Evren Doğanç
  Evren Doğanç, Communications manager for Ipsos KMG shares the story with us: "Avea was interested in including our clients' e-campus in their training programs for marketing staff. This is an excellent, innovative service that enables Ipsos to differentiate itself from competition. In addition, this initiative made us aware of the business advantage of sharing knowledge and using a common language. It will certainly lead to new mid and long-term commercial opportunities."
Selçuk Alimdar
  Avea's Training & Development Manager, added. "Avea operates in a highly competitive market. We believe our human resources are critical to increase our competitive edge. We thus invest heavily in the development of our employees and sales partners via our training campus: AveaCampus. We currently provide more than 350 e-learning courses to our employees, on management, IT, finance, HR, personal development, etc. Thanks to the Ipsos Training Center, we are now able to expand our portfolio of marketing courses. Our employees are mostly interested in customer satisfaction and loyalty, and advertising and brand positioning research. This opportunity coming from Ipsos expertise is very unique and invaluable for us."
ITC for Clients - Know what our clients feel about it.
You already know that the ITC campus hosts more than 2300 trainees from our clients - from all over the world. We want to share with you some of their thoughts while interacting with the Ipsos Training Platform.

In this occasion, we will hear from Anil Kumar - Research Manager at Gulf International Multimedia, MENA.
Gulf International Multimedia (GIM) a respectable media sales agent in the Middle East, represents a mix of media in the MENA region from TV to Daily newspaper, Outdoor and indoor media.

Mr Anil Kumar
  How was your experience overall?
The overall experience was excellent. It was easy to go through the classes and the interface found to be very user friendly. The course provides all relevant and important information that would be beneficial for both beginners and advanced professionals.

How did you become aware of the ITC?
I came to know about ITC from email updates session done by Mr. Tarek from Ipsos UAE office. I was interested to have a look at the courses and materials provided. I liked the variety of subjects
covered and course materials provided. It will be highly recommended to attend the course mainly due to unavailability of such courses locally.

What would you change for the future?
Really beneficial to have a proper guidance about research concept and practices. The more you have in-depth knowledge about it, the more you like it. I consider myself focused on Media and Advertising research field after completing the courses from Ipsos e-learning.

And how much would you recommend this experience to other colleagues?
I would strongly recommend beginners as well as advanced professionals in the field of advertising and media to have the experience. It will definitely give them a background and knowledge
of subjects covered.
Thanks to Tarek Sheikh Al Shabab, who is constantly contributing with the ITC - both for employees as clients. Tarek is a heavy user of the ITC, and also shared with us some of
his views.
Tarek Sheikh Al Shabab

When was your first experience with the ITC?
I started in 2005!!! And I have already finished 14 courses!!

Are you enjoying the courses?
The research emphasis is certainly challenging but I’m loving it -
also the wide range of topics we cover. The courses are very good and really interesting. and it’s a big BUT ... I managed. It has really opened my eyes around on some hidden areas in our business.

What would be your advice for others interested in taking ITC courses?
Don’t think it’s an online and that’s all… When they told me I’m going to work hard they were not lying! You become familiar with further research, and you will work very hard. There are lots of students who don't. The Ipsos University is for free, but you really have to earn your place!