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Negotiation Strategies III
This is an introductory course to the International Negotiation Theory. It will allow you to systematize knowledge and will offer you concrete tools, which will enhance your capacity to negotiate. It is based on the world-wide known negotiation method: Harvard Negotiation Project. Negotiation is a learning that is useful in all aspects of your life.
Estimated Duration
3 hours

Class 1: Introduction to Harvards negotiation project
Lesson 1: Harvards Negotiation Method
Lesson 2: Negotiating based on Interests
Lesson 3: Interests define the problem
Lesson 4: Abraham Maslows need Hierarchy and its relationship to Negotiations
Lesson 5: Food for Thought: an Exercise
Lesson 6: Negotiation Case Study

Class 2: Harvards negotiation project: separate the people from the problem
Lesson 1: Separate the people from the Problem
Lesson 2: Every Negotiator has an interest in the Problem and in the Relationship
Lesson 3: Perception
Lesson 4: Empathy put yourself in the other sides place
Lesson 5: Suggestions on how to separate the people from the problem
Lesson 6: Emotion
Lesson 7: Communication
Lesson 8: How to approach conversations which are perceived as difficult
Lesson 9: Why men and women cant communicate
Lesson 10: Twelve Angry Men

Class 3: Harvards negotiation project: creative options Norms
Lesson 1: In the other persons shoes
Lesson 2: Reviewing the basic points of Harvards Negotiation Method
Lesson 3: Generating options for mutual benefit
Lesson 4: Rules for coming up with creative options
Lesson 5: Brainstorming or idea generation sessions
Lesson 6: Objective criteria Norms
Lesson 7: Applied case: How would you negotiate if you were in these executives shoes?
Lesson 8: Suggested answers

Class 4: Harvards negotiation project: best alternative to a negotiated agreement (BATNA)
Lesson 1: The best alternative to a Negotiated Agreement (BATNA)
Lesson 2: When negotiations get complicated: what to do if they dont want to negotiate (use the jiu-jitsu negotiation)
Lesson 3: What to do if they use dirty tricks (taming the hard negotiator)
Lesson 4: Pressure Tactics
Lesson 5: Appendix
Lesson 6: Integrating Learnings Analysis of a negotiation

Director and professor: ITC Team