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NEW IMQ Global Accreditation Program: Driving your Future

With the merger of InnoQuest and MarketQuest practices (decided in Nov 2014), it became increasingly important to keep a strong level of expertise in Ipsos Marketing Quant, with local teams able to sell and execute independently from any global support. It also became a challenge to ensure we deliver projects and programs with excellence and are able to address client business questions.

With this in mind, the IMQ subject matter experts together with the ITC, developed a new accreditation program that will enable our teams to deepen their expertise and to grow in the IMQ organization.

The IMQ Global Accreditation Program is available to any employee working within IMQ and comprises two levels, Working Knowledge (WK) and Fully Operational (FO). 

Acquiring WK accreditation in the four service lines for all marketing topics is a mandatory requirement for everyone working within IMQ. And if you want to move forward, grow your own career and be majored in a specific Service Line, you may apply for the Fully Operational Accreditation program.

To access Fully Operational accreditation, IMQ employees need to have a WK accreditation in all 4 Service Lines and have 6 to 10 years working within Marketing Quant.

Should you have any question or require additional information, please contact the ITC at info_training@ipsos.com


Human Resources at Ipsos now has its first global training Program!

The Discovery Level Training Program, targeted at our new or with up to 3 years of experience HR employees, was successfully released on October 3rd. This initiative was developed by the ITC together with Ipsos HR subject matter experts and aims at contributing to our employees´ professional growth by ensuring they:


  • Better understand Ipsos’ business to effectively support the organization’s overall objectives
  • Better understand Ipsos’ HR Business Partnering Framework
  • Understand the different roles and behaviors expected from them as HR employees 
  • Understand the methodology to transform HR into a business partner and reinforce its impact in the organization 
  • Extend their knowledge on the challenges HR faces


The Program consists not only of a series of online courses and Case Studies, but also of some optional in-person activities to enrich users´ training experience.

For more information, please contact: info_training@ipsos.com